Brilliant Advice’s Client Portal – 12 Features You Will Love

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Five years ago you learned online banking.  Perhaps you didn’t realize what it could do for you, but then you tried it out.  Now, would you want to live without it? That’s banking.  How about investing? Can you access ALL of your investment accounts online in one location today?  There is no reason why not.  That technology is available to …

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Asset Allocation Can Create an Unintended Wild Ride

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Investors are told over and over again that Asset Allocation, the act of divvying up a portfolio into stocks, bonds, and cash, is the single most important decision they can make when it comes to investing.  Investors are also often told that their asset allocation will be the principal determinant of their investment results. Is it really? No.  Not exactly. …


Does your Advisor Invest Emotionally?

Cern Basher Brilliant Insights

Many investors, letting their emotions get the best of them, fall into the trap of chasing investment returns.  After a sustained period of strong results, they buy, and after a painful downturn, they sell.  Of course, no investor likes to admit to acting this way.  But do financial advisors suffer from the same issue?  Is your financial advisor an emotional …

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Are you working with a Back-Office Advisor?

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Dirty Secrets of the Financial Advice Business – Part 3 Do you have a financial advisor you trust? One who offers independent and unbiased advice? One who acts in your best interests at all times? I hope you can answer, “yes” to all these questions. But, are affirmatives to these important questions enough? It is also important to think about …

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Be Aware of Advisors who Display “Awards”

Cern Basher Brilliant Insights

Be Aware of Advisors who Display “Awards” Dirty Secrets of the Financial Advice Business – Part 2 Does your financial advisor display several awards in his office?  Does he tout an award at the end of his email or website?  Is he really “America’s #1 Advisor” for the last five years running? Sounds impressive. But is it really? Have you …


Cern Basher featured in exclusive Cincinnati Business Courier article

Cern Basher BA in the News

EXCLUSIVE: Cincinnati money manager Cern Basher leaves firm he helped found to start new company. Cern Basher has left the investment advisory firm he co-founded nearly 16 years ago to start a new one. Basher left Madison Wealth Management in January, but he didn’t have much time off. Last week, he launched Brilliant Advice, a Kenwood-based investment advisory firm with a …