Wealth Management Fee Comparison Tool

The fee you pay us is based on a percentage of the market value of the assets placed under Brilliant Advice’s advisement. You will receive the benefit of reduced fees when your aggregated assets across all your accounts reach the assets under management breakpoints stated below. There are multiple breakpoints, so you have many opportunities to benefit from reduced fees as your portfolio grows.

Your blended fee is calculated as follows:

Blended Fee Calculation

We are proud to say that we treat all our clients fairly. You do not have to wonder if anyone else will receive a lower fee arrangement than you, because we never discount or negotiate our fees. You will find that our fees are extremely competitive relative to other wealth advisors, resulting in more money in your pocket!


Exceptional wealth management services without paying more than you need to.

Note: This fee comparison tool is for the purpose of displaying the differences in fees, not investment performance results. The results are based on the data you entered above and Brilliant Advice’s fee schedule. The Savings over the next 10 years assumes a 5% return on the fee savings, but no growth in the Portfolio Value. Any growth in the Portfolio Value would further increase the fee savings and any reduction in the Portfolio Value would reduce the amount of fee savings. Brilliant Advice has no minimum annual fee. This comparison tool does not take into account other fees and expenses that may be applicable to your account, such as trading or any custodial costs, as well as the costs and fees associated with any underlying investments utilized for a client account.