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How Hard is it to Find Your Perfect Financial Partner?

Cern Basher Brilliant Insights, Getting Started

Finding a financial advisor is a bit like finding a date. No, really, it is. Keep reading. When you go on a date you’re investing your time, and when you hire a financial advisor you’re investing your money, both of which are in limited supply. So, you want to ensure you make the right choice when undertaking both. Find prospects …

When Finding Your New Normal, Don’t Forget the Most Important Part

Cern Basher Brilliant Insights

Are you contemplating a career change or perhaps weighing the pros and cons of retirement? Maybe you’re anticipating the arrival of a new baby or you have children who are ready to leave the nest.  Or, on a more somber note, is the realization of divorce on the horizon or are you trying to find your way after experiencing the …