Brilliant Advice’s Client Portal – 12 Features You Will Love

Five years ago you learned online banking.  Perhaps you didn’t realize what it could do for you, but then you tried it out.  Now, would you want to live without it?

That’s banking.  How about investing? Can you access ALL of your investment accounts online in one location today?  There is no reason why not.  That technology is available to you now.

Here is a list of 12 features we think you’ll love about the Brilliant Advice Client Portal:

24/7 anywhere access: You may log-on at any time from your computer, your tablet, your phone.  If you want to see your money and your financial plan at 3am, then you can.  After all, it’s your money and who are we to keep you from your accounts?


portal image 1

Access to all of your investment accounts: Perhaps you currently can see your 401k account online, and your IRAs on another website, your 529 plan accounts on yet another. We’ve broken down the walls between your various account providers so that you can see all of your accounts in one place.


Overview imageAn overview of your total portfolio: You can see an updated bird’s eye view of your total portfolio.  Just beautiful.


Activity imageYour portfolio holdings and activity: Your holdings are displayed by account, by asset category and by asset class.  You can see all the activity in your accounts, including how much you paid for your investments and what they are worth today.  If you are detail oriented you can drill down on as much detail as you wish!


Alerts imageYour investment results over any time period you wish: Instead of waiting for us to send you an investment results report, how would you like to be able to see your investment results at any time and over any time period you wish?


An archive of your reports and statements: Every month we will create a detailed investment report for you and send you an email notification.  This report will be available to you in the investment account portal.  No more waiting anxiously by your mailbox for quarterly reports that are already several weeks stale.


A place for you to access all of the documents created in working with us: A copy of your Client Engagement Agreement, account opening documents, transfer forms, etc. can all be stored safely online for you to access.   No more binders full of paper gathering dust on a shelf, since everything that is important in working with Brilliant Advice will be stored in your portal.


Important docs image

A place to keep your important documents: You can store important documents (tax returns, wills, trusts, etc.) securely. You never have to worry about losing them, as they are backed-up every day.  These documents can be made available to us, your other professionals or your family.


resources imagePictures that tell 1,000 words: If you are like some of our clients you love the details and desire to understand the financial markets. So we post various materials and charts that we think are interesting and informative.



speed limit imageYour Portfolio Speed Limit: Investing entails both risk and return. Unfortunately, returns cannot be “managed,” so we work together to set a Risk Number for your portfolio.  You can think of the Risk Number as the “speed limit” for your portfolio.  Seeing your portfolio speed limit on your portal is a good reminder of what you can control.


Life plan imageYour Financial Plan: This is the dashboard for your financial plan.  All of your future needs, wants and wishes are captured here and transformed into financial terms and numbers.  Turn a few dials and run some tests to see how things are shaping up.  A single dial will show whether you are on track.


Alerts imageAlerts:
Would you like to receive information about your portfolio balances and investment results on a schedule that you select? Then our alert functionally is for you. You may set up portfolio balance and investment results notifications via email and/or text. You can set your desired frequency: monthly
weekly or even daily.  You will always be fully informed.


We are excited to offer these features as one example of our improved wealth management experience.  Are you ready for our client portal?